Running Down a Dream…

Running down a dream (Tom Petty)

It’s May!!! All of the spring races are happening, and it is amazing! I ran amuck last weekend (photos below with my cousin Chris at the Indy Mini and my pace partner Jennifer at the Flying Pig)  and truly found my joy again. Seeing everyone else hitting their stride, pushing through their struggles, accomplishing their goals is why I love this job. Your grit, determination to go further, faster, stronger is amazing.


Now you consider the question: what’s next? Yes, you have earned a well-deserved rest. But you do not want that rest to last longer than a week or so because all of the fitness you worked so hard to gain will start to dissipate. Between your training cycles, it is wise to keep a maintenance mileage set per week. There is no real rule of thumb. Mine tends to look like this: 2 runs during the week: 3-5 miles each depending on time allowed. Weekends: between 6-10 miles, also dependent on what the schedule dictates. However, those runs are my sanity and catching up with my running friends so there is always coffee and sometimes breakfast involved-which is a huge motivator.

Run the M1le you’re in…

It just so happens that while you focus on your maintenance miles, the Air Force Marathon staff has an event to keep you moving AND serves as a kickoff to Marathon Training for September!  Join us at the National Musuem for the United States Air Force for our 2nd annual Museum M1le! This is a family friendly, stroller friendly, one mile run or walk in which you have 30 minutes to complete. There will be super speedy runners crossing the start and finish lines after the open event. We’ll have coffee and food trucks just past the finish line so you can take care of the ‘what’s for breakfast’ question ahead of time! After everything finishes up, head to the Museum, which opens at 9am and is free. And air conditioned-a huge bonus in June!

Training is just around the corner.

Since this is kick off to training, a friendly reminder you can find training plans for our distances located on our website. If you have any questions, please reach out and we’ll do our best to answer.

Seeing you throughout the fall!

Looking ahead to the fall…what races do you already have on your calendar? We are


always looking for options to attend expos and if there is a race you do not think we should miss, I will start researching to see if we can add it to the schedule! We do hope that you have our Armed Forces Series partners on your schedule: Marine Corps Marathon; Army 10-Miler; Space Force T-Minus 10-Miler. And…if you missed it this spring, plan ahead for Coast Guard Marathon next year!


Happy Racing, friends!