Official Race Swag

2023 Official Race Shirts & Finisher Medals

Official Race Shirts

Available in a unisex crewneck and fitted v-neck long sleeve or short sleeve, this shirt is made of a dry-fit, lightweight, breathable, 100% polyester material (60% recycled) engineered for your complete comfort. This shirt is designed to be “flight suit green” to honor the aircrew of the featured aircraft. The back of the shirt prominently portrays the three featured helicopters; MH-139 Grey Wolf, HH-60W Jolly Green II, and UH-1N Huey. A reversed American flag can be found on the right shoulder as a symbol of respect and dedication with the blue star field facing front, in the highest position of honor. The left shoulder portrays the race distance(s). Please note Tailwind Trot participants will receive an official race shirt of a different material, color, and design.

Finisher Medals

We are excited to continue to be a leader in the industry with the 2023 Air Force Marathon finisher medals (marathon, half marathon, 10K, 5K, relay, Tailwind Trot) made from American steel for the fourth year in a row! The finisher medal portrays the featured aircraft and will increase in size based on the miles you put in. You can find all the official 2023 finisher medals below.