“Learn to Fly”

“Learn to Fly”- Foo Fighters

This may be the most appropriate song title I ever use for this blog. Foo Fighters are getting a lot of talk in our office-mostly by me. I recently listened to Dave Grohl’s book: The Storyteller. If you have not listened to it yet, download it as fast as possible. He is the narrator, and this gives great insight into Nirvana and Foo Fighters and how he has dealt with success, failure, love, and loss.

Where is Air Force Marathon this week?

This week you will find the AFM staff at the Flying Pig Expo in Cincinnati. This is by far one of the biggest expos we attend each year and the energy is unmatched. Chris and I will be at the booth Friday and on Saturday, Chris and Lisa will be there to discuss ALL the race things. Sunday morning Chris is racing and I’m pacing the 2:20 group.

While you walk or run to read the signs, get the high 5s, see all of the spectators, we are looking at the behind-the-scenes happenings to see what works and where we could improve. No race can rest upon laurels and keep things the same year after year.

Thinking about all of the energy and talking to those who are about to ‘fly’ for the first time this weekend led me to asking those in the office about their first race…and if they remembered it.

Tell me about your first race.

McKayla, our newest office member and Marketing Coordinator participated in the Dayton Turkey Trot this past November. It was her first foray into running and she loved the challenge.

Jasmine, our Events Coordinator, has been running for a while. She is our collegiate runner and writes our training plans each year. While she could not remember her first race, she did remember her first Cross Country practice. Jasmine followed the older kids and got lost in a corn field. The police had to be called because she was lost for over three hours! (Longest practice EVER).

Chris, our Director, was ‘forced’ to run the Happy Half Marathon by his cousins ten years ago. He was a former soccer player and wanted to stay in shape. Fast forward and he is now in charge of that marathon (with said cousins) and the AFM events.

The Pig was my first half and full marathon. I swore I would never run. Ever. I am a bit of an expert eating my words, especially when I say I will never do something. It truly is a good thing I do not bet anyone when I say this. I would be broke! The biggest reason I pace this race over and over is to give back a little of what has been given to me in spades. Without the Pig, I would not be here writing you today.

You’ve learned to fly. Now is the time to soar!

Stop by our booth and we’ll discuss all of the Air Force Marathon Events AND Chris and I will give you our best race/pace strategies and what NOT to do on race day. You’ve learned how to fly. Now it is time to watch you soar!

One more important note:

Air Force Marathon events are ramping up. We currently have registration open for Museum M1le and Air Force Marathon. On 1 May, Volunteer Registration opens for the Marathon AND Museum M1le! On 4 May, our much anticipated Space Force T-Minus 10-Miler registration opens! Get the early bird pricing and sign up this weekend!

Happy Running, Friends.