On the move…Follow the STARs pt 1.

The Stars Shine Bright…

When a race director first lays plans to have a race, they truly hope the people will come. Questions run through their head much like a runner runs laps racing the 5000M on a track. After the first iteration of the event, a true test of measure is who returns. And as the event continues to grow the directors look at the rosters to see who has come back year after year. (Runners will tell you too. You’re a runner. You have done it as well.)  This September marks the 27th running of the Air Force Marathon. We are so fortunate to have 24 of our original marathoners joining us! Over the next six months we will meet all of the Stars.  I hope you enjoy reading about what brings them back each year. You’ll also learn how they take their coffee, an important subject in our office and life! First up, Lester Busche.

Full Disclosure:

Lester had one of the funniest responses on the questionnaire I sent out. I asked, ‘How do you take your coffee?’ “Black, like my toenails. Just kidding! My toes are fine but seriously, black coffee.”

I’m assuming/hoping you just laughed or spit out your drink. I did when I read this the first time. It happens. The reason Lester began his running journey is relatable: to escape from the pressure(s) of the day. That evolved into solo time and prayer, running for a friend who was no longer able, and then pushing the limits. He also loves running with his wife Stacy and buying the brightest and best shoes (who doesn’t?) Lester will be with the other Stars for the start of the marathon. When you see him, yell hello! Ask him about his favorite race and his furthest distance run. You have a few miles to discuss strategies and gain insights. Thank you, Lester for your commitment to Air Force Marathon. Follow the Stars!

In honor of Lester and his flashy shoes, let’s get out and log miles this week! Let everyone see your new kicks, the hat you refuse to switch because it has been with you for so many miles and adventures. Perhaps you have that one pair of shorts or tights that gets you through ALL the long runs and you have backups for the day the elastic wears out. And for goodness sakes, don’t forget your coffee before (and after). How you take it, well, that’s up to you but I hope your toenails survive.

Are you training for a spring race?

How is your spring training coming along? Are you building a base to run with the Stars and all the other participants of Air Force Marathon or are you a solid two months into your training cycle for a race or five this spring? In need of training tips or a few words of encouragement? Are you starting to hit the ‘I am forever starving’ portion of training? If not, never fear. It will happen in a good month or so. Regardless, I am here for you.  Drop me a line and I’ll see how I’m able to help. My email is jill.huffman.1@us.af.mil. Happy running!