Middle of the Road (The Pretenders)

In the middle of the miles

Happy Tuesday, friends!

How is your training coming along? Spring races are in full swing and trainings are probably hitting their last long run or you will do so in the next few weeks. Perhaps you’ve already run your ‘target race’ for the season and now are getting a little FOMO watching everyone else post about the race they have on the schedule.

All in the name of goals and family.

My goal this spring was to run ONE half marathon. Seriously, ONE. If you know me at all, you are most likely laughing because when have I ever scheduled one race in a season after the first year I began running? However, with life throwing consistently enormous curve balls from June-November, even one race was a daunting task. My running partner told me I had to set a goal of running a race this spring. Any distance over a 5k and he’d help me train.

I chose the Indy Mini because my cousin Chris decided he was going to train for his first half marathon. One statement quickly turned into a family affair. I signed up because Bill, the running partner, said everyone only gets one first race and you show up for family. My Aunt and Uncle and two of their sons are also running, making this a Huffman family affair. If you’re lining up at the start line, find me in the 2:00 corral.

I was running!

Truth time: I absolutely get ‘fear of missing out’ when I read about other races. Not all of them and not every weekend, but there are times I wish I had signed up to run a certain race and let life get in the way. Last month I chose to pace the Heart Mini in Cincinnati. I wasn’t 100% ready to run a half, but my pace partner is nothing short of fantastic (and very convincing to get me to pace with her). We brought our group in at 2:29:30! And then I worked the Coast Guard Marathon last weekend. VERY last minute, I asked the race director if I could run the half. A little more prepared, a lot more tired from working three days and traveling. WORTH.EVERY.STEP. You need to add this race to your bucket list, friends. I’ve included a few photos at the bottom.

Along with the Indy Mini, I am also pacing the Flying Pig Half Marathon. I know this course like the back of my hand. There are going to be a few hard moments for me-particularly because the one who used to find me in the crowd and kiss the top of my head and remind me not to surge while pacing is no longer able to do so. BUT…Almost all my running friends will be with me along with the fabulous pace partner so it’s a good balance. And two weeks later, I’ll be running the streets of Cleveland learning this half marathon and cheering everyone on while I remember how much I love to run.

One is never enough.

From 1 to 5. We have come to know each other better. You are no longer surprised by these admissions. At least, I am assuming you aren’t. I truly CANNOT wait to see all of you laced up and ready to go.

Come find us!

If you’re headed to Glass City Marathon in Toledo or the Kentucky Derby Festival in Louisville next weekend, be sure to stop by the Air Force Marathon booth. Chris, Lyndsey, and Jasmine will be excited to see you and hear what your goal times are and that you’re signing up to run ALL of our races!!

Until next week friends, may the road be your best listener.













Photo 1: Armed Forces Series: Coast Guard, Space Force, Air Force, Marine Corps. Missing Army.

Photo 2: Mile 2 of Coast Guard Marathon

Photos 3: Mile 5-Coast Guard Base Elizabeth City, NC

Photo 4: Start/Finish area of Coast Guard 1k, 5k, 1/2 and full marathons.