We were thinking.

What thoughts go through your head while out on a run? How many ‘world problems’ do you solve while logging miles?

Recently, our ambassadors started posting ‘what they ponder.’ A lot of what travels through their heads is probably what goes through yours as well. I hope you laugh with them as we did, relating and realizing we have been here as well. Maybe not on ALL of the same topics, but close enough. After you finish reading this, head to the AFM Community page and add to the thread ‘what you ponder.’

‘Do aliens exist? Mathematically, it is certain.’

‘There are more important things in life than running so WHY am I up at 0420 to go out for a run?’

‘I found the new Girl Scout Chocolate Covered Raspberry cookies to be pleasant, but I like the mint flavor better.’

‘Did I pack enough for my race this weekend?’ -Do we EVER pack enough for a race weekend?

‘How fast do I really have to run this marathon not to be left in the dust by my friends?’

‘I solve the world’s problems while on my run and forget the solutions by the time I exit the shower.’

‘Why do I feel so tired during my run after rest days and when I eat healthy, yet feel great when I have had little sleep and consumed junk food?’

‘Are we on Strava? We need a Strava group.’ ‘Strava feels like a dating site.’

‘Do I have time to enjoy my cup of coffee before I go to work? Probably not.’

‘Did I put the dog in the crate before I left?’

‘How do I still have 8 miles left in this 10k run?!’-RUNNERS MATH IS REAL AND ALWAYS LIKE THIS.

‘Is the guy on my podcast guilty?’ thirty minutes later…’He is DEFINITELY guilty!’

‘I wore too many layers.’-Every runner in winter months.

As you can read, runners are more alike than different. Our random thoughts all fall into the same categories…especially the dreaded runner’s math! Happy running. Happy thoughts. And be sure to let us know what you’re thinking during the run.

*All thoughts belong to the runners. No federal endorsement intended. *