Ambassador Spotlight #3 John Kennedy

Getting to know the Ambassadors:

Over the last few months, we have truly had the honor to get to know our Ambassadors. The way they interact with the staff, with others in our group makes hearts swell. Reading John’s posts, his comments when others post is the reason he is today’s spotlight.

Wanting you to get to know the Ambassadors and their personalities means they get different questions (or we attempt to give them different questions.) One that every person gets asked though is ‘what is the best and worst pieces of advice you were given as a runner?’ John’s best piece of advice was ‘The faster you run, the quicker it’s over.’ His worst is 100% relatable to every person who has laced up. ‘You’re almost there!’-with five miles left. We know the spectators are trying to be helpful and encouraging. I have yet to meet a runner who thinks this is a positive thing to hear when you are more than 100 yards or less from the finish line!

Dr. John Kennedy

Let us introduce you to John. By day, he is an ObGyn and loves his job. By night, John is a husband, father, and grandfather, and marathoner. A lot of titles for one person but he can handle it with finesse. We asked John why he chose to be an Ambassador for the Air Force Marathon. Simply stated, he loves this race!

Through the years, John and his family have participated in a few of the events. In 27 years of existence, John has run the Air Force Marathon 25 times! His family has run the half and the relay several times as well. The phrase ‘the family that runs together, stays together’ holds true with the Kennedys.

Oh the places he’s traveled…

Hearing about other races or destinations to run gives all of us reasons to want to travel…not that anyone on staff really needs a reason. Learning where John has run makes us want to grab our passport and be gone for a very long time! He has traversed Ireland, Paris, London, Normandy, Germany, Spain, Latvia, and the Caymans. Stateside, John has covered Mackinac Island, Hawaii, good portions of Pennsylvania and Michigan. His other marathon adventures include Indy, Baltimore, Salt Lake City, and Dublin (Ireland). Can you imagine the stories John has to accompany all his travels? If you see him on the marathon course this September, be sure to ask. Your miles will pass by quickly. You’ll make a new friend and perhaps fall in love with the Air Force Marathon as well.