Double the Fun! Star and Ambassador Amanda Preble

Double the trouble or double the fun?

This week’s Stars Spotlight is also a member of the Tailwind Ace Crew Ambassadors! Amanda Preble has taken part in the Air Force Marathon since 1997. She stated she had such a good time that first year, she just kept coming back. 2002 is her most sentimental year as that was first marathon her husband ran and at the time, she was pregnant with her daughter. A family affair at its finest!

In both special groups, Amanda appears to be the one who nudges everyone else. She suggests an idea and the comments that follow are pretty funny. Stay tuned for a later post about some of the comments from the Ambassadors.

Not all ‘Why’s’ are created equally:

Amanda’s reason for running is not the same as others. She had something to prove to the doctor who told her she’d never be able to run or walk more than around the block. Challenge: accepted. In high school, Amanda joined cross country. She was so proud of that first mile, only to learn it was the warmup. Every runner understands what that first mile feels like whether it’s your VERY first mile or your first mile of the day. As life continued, her why changed and evolved. What was once a challenge, then a part of her job (ROTC and Active Duty) has now become her lifelong passion. She and her husband have run 80 marathons together all around the world. The best part of their training together? They made an agreement to kiss at every mile marker. If you see anyone kissing on mile 22, you’ll know it’s Amanda. Be sure to tell her hello!

Advice and Routine:

“What was the worst piece of advice you were ever given as far as running is concerned and what is your pre-run routine?” Worst advice: You can never drink too much water. Hyper-hydration is real and it’s awful. She does not recommend this for anyone. Pre-run routine: Dynamic stretching before, during, and after the run. She will eat whatever her stomach feels like taking in that morning along with a little coffee.

She was running?

We also were curious to know favorite races, selfishly to choose another destination race for the staff but also to encourage you to get out of your race comfort zone and explore. One race Amanda mentioned was in Alsace, France. Each stop had a glass of wine (12 total), all regional, paired with local food. This sounds amazing, and not the place to get a PR! Excuse us while we start researching flights.


The most important question of all:  How do you take your coffee? Answer: black. Plain and simple. The difference, however, is that while she will have a cup before a run, she prefers it after each race. Truly the first response we received with post-race as the desired drink of choice.

Be sure to say hello to Amanda when you see her in her Tailwind Ace Crew gear or her Stars gear. She is truly one in a million and we’re fortunate to have her be a part of the Air Force Marathon.