Virtual Experience FAQs
You may complete your race distance any day and any where beginning September 1st, 2022. After you finish your race, upload your finish time to the results page. We will then mail your bib, commemorative patch, official race shirt(s), and finisher's medal(s) beginning in October. If you do not upload your race results, your items will still be mailed to you.
You are going to be on the honor system for completing your race. However, we encourage you to upload your finish time on the race results page. If you would like to track your distance and time you may do so with an app on your phone, smartwatch, treadmill, or stopwatch. It can be helpful to map out a route ahead of time too.
Congratulations on completing your 2022 Air Force Marathon race!

To submit your results, please click 'Submit Your Results' and follow the instructions below:
1. Select the "Submit a virtual result" button
2. Find your race registration and check the "Add results" box
3. Select your virtual race distance from the "Race completed" drop-down menu
4. Enter your finishing time(s) in the designated box(es)
Optional: you can upload a screenshot of your results but it is not required
5. Scroll to the bottom and select "Submit results" to finish

Your results will now be added to the race results list below. Use the search bar to locate your submission and click on your name to view/download your finisher's certificate and digital finisher's medal(s).
A virtual goodie bag will be sent via email to all registered participants at a later date. Stay tuned!
After you submit your race results here, you will have the chance to download your official 2022 Air Force Marathon finisher's certificate to share with your family and friends. Be sure to tag @AFMarathon on Instagram and @AirForceMarathon on Facebook too!
You're right! The United States Air Force Band of Flight recorded a special video of Technical Sergeant Joanne Griffin performing the National Anthem for you to watch before your race. Tune in here to get you in race mode!
Already thinking about 2023? We are too! Celebrate the 27th Anniversary of the Air Force Marathon by registering on November 28, 2022 for the 2023 race scheduled for Saturday, September 16th! More details can be found here.


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