The 2024 Air Force Marathon Events Ambassadors!

We are family…

First: I love Sister Sledge and the song We are Family! This was also the best way I could think to introduce you to our ‘extended family-our ambassadors.’ When the application process began, I asked for stories and reasons why they wanted to represent the Air Force Marathon Events. The responses moved me-to laughter and/or to tears. The dedication to something greater than themselves was probably the biggest factor in which they were chosen to be our ambassadors. This ‘side hustle’ comes with no pay, some recognition, a few ‘perks’ and a whole lot of running miles! And yet, each knew this coming in and still chose to apply. I have said this before and will say it forever-military races and the participants are different. The comraderies, the pomp and circumstance, the showmanship is not like other events and there is a level of pride which accompanies this.


Our office is honored to share with you who was selected as Air Force Marathon Events Ambassadors. Introducing:  Sid Busch; Joe Newton; John Feeney; Terri Puckett; Michael Breznau; Barry Morris; Joana Alvrazez; Patricia Teggatz; Natalie Schoening; Jason Siacunco; Lindsey Landthorn; Charlene LaPane; Michael Casados. You may run into them (although perhaps not literally) at Museum Mile, Air Force Marathon weekend, and Space Force T-Minus 10-Miler. There will be posts on their social pages and they will interact with you on our behalf on the community FB groups.

Congratulations to our ambassadors and a huge thank you to all who applied!

Until next time, friends!