Tell me why…

Tell me why…

If you have yet to figure out, songs are constantly playing in my head. I will be in a conversation with someone and pull lyrics out to match the situation. Is this normal? Who knows. It is my normal though and my friends are not only used to it but expect it.

They went the distance.

Last week was the Olympic Trials in the Marathon distance. Some of the runners have been training for decades (Linden, Hall, Rupp) and others were debuting (and winning!). Did they inspire you to run a little faster? Train a little harder? This led to wondering why others love to run. With the ‘hallmark holiday’ a week away, the timing could not have been more perfect. Full disclosure: I know running is not everyone’s cup of tea. The bigger question though: is there a common thread/theme? I crowd sourced my friends on FB-I promise you they aren’t all runners as you will soon find out-and their answers are quite varied.

‘Why do you love to run?’

‘I had a heart attack 3 years ago and switched to walking marathons. In 2001, I chose to dedicate all my marathons to fallen service members. Honoring them keeps me going.’-Sid Busch

‘I run to feel alive.’-Lindsey Slack

‘I run so I am not eaten by a bear.’-Sarah Mitchell. ßNot a runner. Best friend who thinks people who run are crazy. She’s not far off.

‘I run so I don’t punch people.’-Caryl, Jen, and Lindsey

‘I never knew I could do something so strong! I felt more alive and confident in myself!’-Kris Olsen

‘It feels good to challenge my body.’-Paul Siebert

‘I enjoy training and going through the process and feeling accomplished on race day.’-Rob Rueff

‘It clears my mind of the day’s troubles.’-Douglas Calvert

‘I only run if being chased.’-Melissa Wright

‘It helps me relax and refocus. It keeps me challenged to push myself beyond perceived limits. It is life-giving and quieting to my soul.’ -Michael Breznau

‘To feel good about myself in that I am doing something to prolong my health and vitality.’-Brandon Armstrong

‘Once I started, I could not stop. I met my most favorite people while running.’ -Tricia Moore

‘I run to help deal with my anxiety and stress. Running clears my head and puts me in a much better mood.’-Kathryn Turbek

‘I will run if I see a bear chasing Sarah.’-Megan Spoonamore

‘I run for my mental health. It keeps me sane and lessens anxiety.’-Lori Barganier

‘There is always a new level to master and accomplish, challenge, and chase. There is always something to learn, along with social and mental benefits.’ -Julie Jackson

‘I run to feel alive. I can push myself further than the day before.’ -Sarah Bowers

‘Running is my solace.’-Damon Warner

‘After 7 mild strokes while in the Marines, I saw a race for Heart Disease and Stroke Awareness. I decided to run the Heart Mini Marathon (Cincinnati). The people, the races, and the cheers are so positive and motivating. I wanted to keep that feeling forever.’ -Scott Berens

‘Friendship.’-Chuck Engle, Marathon Junkie

‘I walk fast to keep up with my walking partner. I will run if danger presents itself!’-Emily Kreich

‘Because I can.’-Amber Gebhardt

The AFM Staff had other comments about why they run, but that will be a stand alone post ?

Not all WHYS are the same.

My friends because it makes them feel alive and challenged in different ways…or to avoid jail time and punching people.  If running is not what you like or love, what do you to feel alive and challenged?

A quick reminder: The Brand Ambassador application is live and ready for you. Check the AFM FB page and fill it out. You have until next Thursday to tell us why you want to represent the Museum Mile, Air Force Marathon, and Space Force T-Minus 10-Miler! Your WHY is incredibly important to me.

Until next week, friends. Keep running!