Winning is an Attitude

Starting Over:

Starting over again can be really daunting in any task, whether it is a job change, a relationship change, or a physical activity change. And since I am sitting in that position currently with re-starting my running regimen, I decided this seems a good time to give a pep-talk which works for my own self as much as any of you readers who follow our monthly chats.

I believe in vulnerability and being real, as hard as that can be at times. So, let me get real. Starting over stinks. I don’t like it. It is challenging and exhausting and a complete mental game of overcoming the “I don’t want to” or “I can’t” attitude. When I first began my running journey in 2008, I knew absolutely nothing about the sport. I simply decided I wanted to do it, and I set my mind to it. In the process I met so many people and my knowledge grew (obviously, otherwise I would not be sitting in the seat writing you from the Director’s desk). I’m 15 years older, many pounds heavier, and a lot more tired than I was in 2008. So, re-starting is a challenge in multiple ways.

I took a break for a variety of reasons and never really quit running, but I didn’t maintain the distance as I had promised myself I would. But here I am, working back towards that half marathon goal. I don’t usually put my goals out there in this fashion because I don’t like to be flashy about it, and also because if I can’t reach the goal, it’s frustrating to have had it publicized with a bull-horn (or a blog) and then have to respond to all of the “why” of not getting there. However, I want to share this goal with you all because accountability matters and maybe some of you face the same struggles.

New Goals:

I have signed up for a local half marathon on August 12. I have completed multiple half marathons in my time since taking up the sport, but this will be my first one since 2019. And, like I said, a few years older with a few more pounds to carry? I’ve always been a morning runner, which is a great way to start my day, clear my head, lace up and enjoy the early morning sunrise with the birds. However, recreating the 4:30 a.m. wake-up has not been a simple task. Thankfully, I have a good friend travelling the same road and we are working together on recreating the morning habit of long-distance runs.

Tips for those restarting:

In case you are sitting in a space of re-creating a habit, running or otherwise, here are a few tips I wanted to share that I hope will help you in your journey.

  1. Re-starting (or starting for the first time) is often 90% a mental game. Therefore, prepare mantras to fight back, pick out the clothes the night before, and lean into the words and/or music that motivates you.
  2. Find a buddy. Perhaps you don’t actually go out together, but find someone to be your cheerleader, your wake-up text message, or your support team to rally the courage and confidence to begin again. Support makes a difference!
  3. Lean into what you know and also be willing to learn new things. Change is hard. Covid created change forcefully for many of us, so re-starting following dramatic changes can be scary. Lean into what you know, but also have open eyes for what to learn in the process. Stay teachable.
  4. Believe in yourself.
  5. Courage is about being willing to try. It will not always be success the way you (with the goal) may define success, but it takes courage to step out and re-start.
  6. In the lessons learned from the hit show “Ted Lasso”, winning is an attitude. Believe. It is possible.


I’ve always told myself that crossing the finish line is a win, no matter what my end time is. Each race I’ve ever run has held challenges, and the upcoming August race will be no different. I’m going to put myself out there a little on this goal and hold up what I know with what I said above about accountability. I will be vulnerable and post my runs on the Air Force Marathon Strava, so feel free to follow my journey of diving back in. I’ll admit, doing so is a risk for me because trust me when I say, most of you can breeze by me out there with what my run(walk) times are. Remember my blog about the tortoise and the hare? I’m very much the tortoise, but I also accept that. Because…. Winning is an attitude. (Thanks, Coach Lasso!)