Final Air Force Marathon Race Day Preparation

Final Air Force Marathon Race Day Preparation

Written by Michelle Daniel, owner of The Lifestyle Technique, LLC

Can you believe that your race day is almost here? You have put in so much thought and effort into your training plan for the Air Force Marathon and the big race day is quickly approaching. As you prepare the next couple days prior to your upcoming race, here are a few tips that can be helpful.

  1. Remember, you trained for this race, and you are ready! You put in the time and the effort. You can do this.
  2. Develop a race day mantra for times that maybe mentally or physically challenging, such as, “I can do it” or “Strong, Confident, Relaxed” or “I am stronger than I think.”
  3. Focus on getting a good night’s sleep a few days prior to the big day.
  4. Begin hydrating.
  5. Don’t forget to set out your clothes, shoes, safety pins, and bib number the night before.
  6. Give yourself enough time prior to the race to go to the bathroom one more time (if needed.)
  7. Visualize the race day. Starting at the time you wake up and get dressed. When and what will you eat and drink prior to the race? What time will you arrive to the race? What nutrition will you consume during your race? Visualize running the course route. What will it feel like running this race? Imagine running down the path to the finish line with the crowd of people cheering you on as you cross the finish line. Envision receiving your race medal and that feeling that you did it. That feeling of pride and accomplishment.
  8. Most importantly! Have fun.

Runners good luck and have fun! You trained hard and that is truly a success on its own. I want to invite you to stop by Booth 199 at the Expo and say, “Hi.” I would love to hear from you.

Also, please join me for a gentle stretching yoga session that will be held at the Expo on Friday, Sept. 16th at 1pm in the Berry Room 1 and 2. Please bring a yoga mat or towel.

*No Federal endorsement(s) intended.