Fly! Fight! Win! Challenge

Runners can now register for the Fly! Fight! Win! Challenge.

The Fly! Fight! Win! Challenge consists of our 5K race, our 10K race, and either our Half Marathon or Full Marathon.  Runners who complete all three events in one marathon weekend will receive a fourth race medal signifying their achievement!

Runners participating in the challenge receive two bibs: one for the 5K (Friday, September 20th at 6:30p.m. at the Wright State University Nutter Center) and one to use for both the 10K (Saturday, September 21st at 6:30a.m.) and the Half Marathon or Full Marathon (Saturday, September 21st at 7:30a.m.).  There will be no need to change your bib on race day, September 21.  Just wear your Fly! Fight! Win! Challenge Series Bib for both races.

(U.S. Air Force photo by R.J. Oriez)








Register for the Fly! Fight! Win! Challenge Now!


Runners MUST register for the Fly! Fight! Win! challenge as a single event on our registration page in order to be eligible for the additional medal. Hurry!  Slots are limited.

Runners MUST be able to finish the 10K race in under an hour (9:41 pace) in order to start the Half Marathon or Full Marathon on time.

There will be NO REFUNDS for the event (consistent with Air Force Marathon policy* on all of our events) and NO REFUNDS for runners who don’t complete the 10K in time to start the Half Marathon or Full Marathon.

*The only exception is military members on Contingency, Exercise & Deployment (CED) orders.