Elite Athletes & Prize Money

Elite Athlete Information


Submit your Elite Athlete application through the registration page. To apply, go to the registration page, select either General Public or Active Military/Guard/Reserve as applies to you. Lastly, select the Elite Athlete Application option.

Only applications submitted through the online elite application form will be considered. All athletes must have run on a certified course since January 1, 2021. An Elite Athlete application does not guarantee an entry into the 2022 Air Force Marathon. All applications must be approved by the Race Director, Brandon Hough. If your application is accepted you will receive an e-mail with a code to register for the marathon (note that it may take a few weeks after submitting an application to receive a response). All applications must be submitted no later than midnight on August 15th, 2022.Air Force Marathon-Winner-2019

There are three elite categories for the 2022 Air Force Marathon; Elite, Sub-Elite, and Racewalker, each offer different benefits that are listed below.

Elite Athletes

Complimentary Full Marathon Entry
Complimentary Breakfast of Champions Ticket
Complimentary Gourmet Pasta Dinner Ticket
Complimentary Race Day Parking Pass
Complimentary Pro-Package Wrist Band

Hotel accommodations, mileage/travel reimbursement and meal stipends may be available for highly qualified applicants.

Sub-Elite Athletes

Complimentary Full Marathon Entry


Complimentary Full Marathon Entry

Racewalkers – Please note there are no elite entry standards for Racewalkers however we will offer complimentary entries to elite racewalkers and ask you send a resume of your racewalking accolades to USAF.Marathon@us.af.mil for consideration.

Elite Entry Standards

Meeting these standards does not guarantee elite entry or support at the United States Air Force Marathon. All applications are subject at the discretion of the Race Director.

2021 Elite Standards: Full Marathon

Qualifying DistanceOpen MenOpen WomenMasters MenMasters Women
10M52:40 1:01:00

2021 Sub-Elite Standards: Full Marathon

Qualifying DistanceOpen MenOpen WomenMasters MenMasters Women
10M54:30 1:03:00

Prize Money

2021 Prize Money - Total Purse = $19,000

Military Only*
Ohio Only**
Push Rim

* Must be Active Duty or an Active Reservist in the United States Air Force, Army, Navy, or Marine Corps.

** Must physically reside throughout the year in the state of Ohio.


Runners may win money from multiple categories. E.g., An Active Duty Air Force member who takes 3rd Overall but 1st in the Military division would win $500 + $750 for a combined total of $1250.

There is a $1,000 bonus offered to any U.S. man or woman who runs an Olympic Trials qualifying mark in the marathon (Men = 2:19:00; Women = 2:45:00). Note that we will pay out up to $5,000 in OTQ bonuses. If more than 5 runners run an Olympic Trials qualifying mark, we will divide $5,000 by the number of qualified runners and pay out that amount to each in addition to any other earnings.

All cash prizes will be mailed out within 60 days of the event to allow time for any contested results to be finalized. Prize money winners will be contacted shortly after the event to verify payment details.

All elite athletes are subject to drug testing.


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