Treadmill Tricks

Happy New Year! 2018 has come upon us with a bang of cold weather and winter at its finest (or maybe at its worst… depending on how you look at it!) We have begun with sub-zero temperatures, and even our fair weathered southern states have been seeing less than normal January weather. So, what does a runner do in such weather?

We know some of you will weather it out (no pun intended) and lace up and go out in these temperatures. However, for the others who don’t or can’t, the treadmill becomes the next best avenue. We know how challenging doing treadmill workouts can be, so we wanted to offer a few helpful tips for those who must utilize that route.

–              Many treadmills now have some great built-in workouts. Check them out! Play around with the different ones. Find out the elevations of the next race you’re working towards, and set the treadmill to be at those elevations at those miles. Or, pick the hill work outs that are built in to the program. In doing so, the treadmill will simulate different elevations, both uphill and downhill. You can still get in a great workout on the treadmill! You just have to learn a few of the tricks

–              Watch your favorite TV show. It is hard to be on a treadmill because it goes nowhere. You’re in the same spot for … a while. When you put your favorite TV show or movie on in front of you, it passes the time a little more quickly, and keeps you from continuously glancing at the distance.

–              Create a special play list for the treadmill only. It will give you a fresh list of songs to keep you going for miles, and will give you something to look forward to, something different to listen to, special for those harder to motivate indoor workouts.

–              Go with a friend. If someone you know is on the treadmill next to you, you will be less likely to slow yourself down or quit before you hit your goal because of disliking the treadmill.

–              Just Do It! As runners, we know that much of the battle with the event itself is a mental one. It takes mental grit to run the distance, train the miles for months, and finish a race. Put on that same mental determination and just do it! You’ll feel better once you do!

Treadmills aren’t all that bad. They can even be terrific. You just have to find what treadmill tricks work for you when you need to  utilize the machine.