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“I am the Air Force Marathon” Video Contest

What makes the Air Force Marathon Amazing?  It’s runners like you!  We have a great event with great ammenities but the runners make the race!  All runners have stories and we want to know yours!   We don’t want you to tell us, we want you to SHOW us!


A short video (Between 1 and 2 minutes long)

We’re calling this contest “I am the Air Force Marathon” as in YOU are the Air Force Marathon.  Your video should tell us why you are running the Air Force Marathon and what the Air Force Marathon means to you.    Your video MUST include the following:

  1. Footage of you training for the the race. 
  2. You closing your video by  looking into the camera and saying “My name is [INSERT YOUR NAME] and I am the Air Force Marathon”.  


    Your video must meet the following criteria to enter the contest:

    The video must be taken horizontally, NOT vertically. Submissions shot vertically will NOT be accepted.



  • The video must be 1 – 2 minutes in length.  No longer or no shorter.  
  • You must end your video with the required closing statement (above).
  • Beware of any background light & noise: make sure we can actually see & hear you in the video!
  • Give yourself a few seconds at the beginning of the video before you start talking.  This is for editing purposes. Do the same before you end the video, right after you stop talking.
  • You can use a camera or smartphone but smartphone videos must respect the above requirements.

Here’s an example of a video we made:

Here are 6 tips for creating great video:

  1.  Set up your shot.  Make sure there is something interesting in the shot and adhere to the rule of thirds.  Shooting outside in interesting locales is great.
  2. Lighting.  Make sure you take lighting into account when shooting.  Your audience needs to see you.  Try to use three point lighting to the extent that you can when shooting your interview-style shots.  You don’t have to use professional lighting equipment.  Be creative.  Use natural light and what you have around  you.
  3. Sound.  Make sure you project.  Your audience needs to hear you.
  4. Leave 5 seconds for editing before and after you start speaking.  This will make things easier for editing when you add your training footage.
  5. Be creative.  Sure, you can film a video of you sitting at a table talking but why not show us something cool or interesting.  Make your video something that stands out.
  6.  DO NOT play music of any kind while you are speaking on camera and DO NOT use any copyrighted music in your video at all unless you are the copyright holder.  


Submit your video by uploading it to Wetransfer and sending the generated link to this email address:
Check out our Wetransfer video submission guidelines for assistance.

Video submission file must include your name as well as the city and state the video was taken. Example: John Doe – Dayton, OH.

Video submissions must be sent before June 7,2018.

IMPORTANT:  By submitting a video, you consent to the following:  Your video, in whole or in part,  may be reposted by the Air Force Marathon staff on any social media platform we use including, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.  It may be edited for length and/or edited together with other contest entries for the purposes of marketing the Air Force Marathon.


The Air Force Marathon staff and Wright-Patterson AFB Public Affairs will select finalists.  Those finalists will be posted to our social media pages.  The video with the most likes will be our first place winner, the next most will be second place and so on.


Runners that submit the top 3 videos will receive the following prizes:

1st place: A Two Night stay at the Holiday Inn Dayton-Fairborn, a super-sized goodie bag, a Pro Package (including VIP Access, Preferred Race Day Parking, 1 Breakfast of Champions Ticket, 1 Gourmet Pasta Dinner Ticket –  $125 Value) & a $50 New Balance Gift Card

2nd place: A Pro Package (including VIP Access, Preferred Race Day Parking, 1 Breakfast of Champions Ticket, 1 Gourmet Pasta Dinner Ticket – $125 Value) &  $50 New Balance Gift Card

3rd place: $50 New Balance Gift Card &  Preferred Race Day Parking


Be proud of your video! Share it on FacebookTwitter and Instagram using the hashtag #AirForceMarathon and don’t forget to tag us: @AFMarathon.

Bear in mind that you must follow the submission guidelines stated above to enter the contest!


The contest will run from May 8 to June 7, 2018. The winners will be announced a week later.

Good luck!