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There is a proverb that says “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” While that proverb is proven to be quite true both literally and figuratively, we’d like to expand upon that and say that your body is only as strong as its weakest area. We have talked about strength training before,

The Power of Positive Thinking Recently at one of the expos we attended, we had several conversations about the to-do’s or not to-do’s of running. Whether or not having a running mantra is important was one of those discussions. So, we wanted to bring this same discussion to the rest of our running audience- you

GPS Devices A few years ago, runners gauged how they were doing by their pulse and the feel of their body. Today, GPS watches and devices of all variations exist, helping runners to know their exact pulse rate and distance. You will find books and blogs about which device does what, the cost, and why

You Made History! Congratulations to those of you who finished the 20th Air Force Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K or 5K! You made history! Another event for the Air Force Marathon goes down in the books, and we hope you had a wonderful experience. The weather was touch and go, but in the end, it all

Tailwind, an interview with an eagle. As you may have heard, the Air Force Marathon is welcoming a new staff member to the team.  Tailwind the eagle has arrived to serve as the race’s new mascot.  You may not know a lot about this enthusiastic supporter so we sat down for an illuminating interview to

  The time of year has finally rolled around for the 2016 Olympics. How many of you are like us and are giddy about this year’s events? We follow the stories all year of the various runners and watch their careers turn into life-long dreams of going to the Olympics. We are especially excited this

Whether you are a new to the world of running or you have been at it for years, I am confident you can relate to the term “newbie”. Anytime one endeavors into a new activity, fears or worries always arise out of the pure fact that it’s never been experienced and you’re unsure what to

Elizabeth Gray was not always a runner. In fact, she was faced often with a difficult scenario many women face but do not confront. Not only was she told she could never run a marathon, she has survived the act of domestic violence and is happy to share her story with you. The following blog