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Keep Hydrated!

Seeing as how we are approaching summer now, we want to address the idea of hydration. Knowing the facts about it can make a big difference and help you to prepare. Whether you are logging 3 miles or 30, being properly hydrated is important.

The running retail world has made carry-along hydration much easier than it once was. One can find water hand water bottles with straps, belts that hold water bottles and hydration back packs. But be forewarned, yes, it is possible to over-hydrate yourself and cause damage to your body just as much as not hydrating enough can cause damage. So, how do you know what to do?

  1. Listen to your body. If you are thirsty, you likely need to take some sips of water. Don’t guzzle it, sip it. Guzzling it may give you some issues as you press into your next miles. Sips are what you need.
  2. If you have stopped sweating (in raised temperatures and longer runs), you probably need to take in some hydration. Sweat is the body’s way of communicating. Lack thereof is the same idea.
  3. Drink plenty of water through the day, every day. We need it no matter what time of year it is, but we especially need it when there are higher temperatures and we are exercising more. Water helps digestion and makes up a portion of your body weight. We Need it.
  4. If you are tired, you may be dehydrated. Of course being tired can be from a variety of reasons when it is hot outside, but not having enough water in your body may be one of those. Again, listen to your body.
  5. Pay attention to the color of your urine. Yes. It’s true. The darker the color of your urine, the more dehydrated you are. So drink more water. Your urine should be a clear or very pale yellow.
  6. Sports drinks, like Gatorade, are beneficial when you lose a lot of sweat. Don’t overdo it on them, as they contain a lot of sugar, too, but they have electrolytes that can benefit the body when sweating a lot.
  7. You do not have to drink at every hydration station in a race. Do in a race what you do when you train. If you train by drinking every so many miles, follow that model.

You can see that the list of ideas and tips can continue on with hydration. The bottom line is: It is important to your health and your fitness. Make sure you stay hydrated this summer!