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Runner Safety

How to Stay Visible When Running Near Traffic

When you are running, you need to make sure you are visible when you are running in and around traffic. Runners and pedestrians are often victims of motor vehicle accidents because they aren’t noticed by those driving. When you work on making yourself more visible, you are significantly reducing your chances of being injured in an accident. There are several things that you can do to make yourself stand out and get noticed. Here are a few tips that will help you make yourself more visible when you are heading out for that run or jog:

Don’t Run in Traffic, Run Near Traffic

When at all possible, avoid running right on the road with cars. It is never safe to jog or run on the roadway with cars. Instead, run on the sidewalk whenever possible. By staying out of traffic, you are reducing your risks of being hit by a car significantly. Always run toward traffic so you can see oncoming vehicles and get out of the way if necessary. It also helps drivers pay more attention to you as well.

Follow Traffic Regulations

You need to know the traffic regulations for the area and follow them. You should adhere to traffic lights, stop signs, and other indicators. Don’t just run through an intersection without stopping and looking. Make eye contact with the drivers so you can be sure they see you. Don’t be unpredictable and run around vehicles or between stopped cars. Stay at least four feet from parked vehicles so you won’t get doored if they don’t see you. Never dart around cars or through traffic

Dress to Stand Out

Traditional colors, such as blue, white, brown, green, or black won’t be as easily noticed because it just blends in with the surroundings. Instead, put on some fluorescent colors so you will stand out and get noticed. You can wear an inexpensive safety vest, which features bright colors and reflective strips, or choose a fluorescent colored shirt or jacket. Hot pink, bright orange, neon yellow, and lime green are some great choices for colors that help you get noticed. `

Running When it is Dark

If you are out after dark, which means anytime after dusk or before dawn, you need to make sure you are visible. To do this, wear reflective attire. Put reflective tape on your back and chest, wear reflective bands around your wrist and ankles, and have reflectors on your shoes as well. For extra attention, wear an LED light that flashes on your back and on your chest. These can either be pinned on or worn around the neck on a cord. You should also carry a flashlight in front of you facing down. All of these combined will help you get the attention you need to stay safe when out for a jog or run. Also, there are multiple benefits to running where it is well lit. The lighting helps you see where you are going so you can avoid potholes or dangers, but it also helps you be more visible to drivers so they can see you.

Run With a Friend

If you can find a running buddy, you are improving your odds of being visible while also improving your overall safety. Running with a friend is great in the event of an injury or illness because there is someone along who can get help. Also, two people dressed in bright attire will be noticed much more quickly than a single person running alongside the road. If you can find a friend who will wear fluorescent colors and go running alongside you, you are doing yourself both a favor and making yourselves much more noticeable and more likely to avoid being struck by a car.

Stay Safe When Running

Running or jogging is good for your health – both physically and mentally – but you need to make sure you are safe when you are out by the roads. By doing everything you can to make yourself visible, you can help ensure your running trip doesn’t turn into an ER trip!


*This Article was written by Personal Injury Help, however this article is not intended to be legal advice nor should it be construed as such.