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Rest. That is  word which we runners do not always do well. First of all, we live in a world that is fast paced on the go with meetings, jobs, events, races, family, and life. None of those are bad things by any means. But when it comes to our workouts, we have to learn to take some rest days.

Sometimes, as runners, we are taught to dig into our mental suitcase and pull out the words of “just keep going” or “don’t quit”, which are extremely helpful phrases when we are approaching hitting the wall during training or even during a race. Those words are so engrained in us that we can often struggle with letting them fly into the wind for one day a week and letting our bodies rest.

But rest is important. And we want to give you 4 reasons why.

R- Recuperate.

Our bodies need a day to recuperate. When we take a day off working out, our muscles take that time to rebuild themselves. So, even when we aren’t working, our body still is. It appreciates the day to allow itself to repair and rebuild what we are working hard every day. That way, when we go back to working out the next day, it is refreshed and ready to go. Those muscles we work out all week long are able to “reboot”, so to speak, so we can go hard again. If we don’t take that day, the muscles will wear down eventually, leading to injuries. Maybe not in a year or two, but eventually it is proven that without rest, the body will hurt.

E- Energize

Taking a day off gives us time to re-energize our minds and bodies both. When in training, we get into a mode that can sometimes become routine. Try switching it up and taking a day of rest in the middle of that routine. It may refresh the body and soul so that when we hit the gym (or streets or trails) again the next day, we are raring to go. Rest=energy

S- Sleep

Who reading this blog would call themselves an early riser? We know not every runner is. There are many who do their runs later in the day. But those who get up early every day to run or workout…. That extra 30 minutes of sleep may do wonders for the body to play into both re-energizing and recuperating. Listen to the body! When we are tired, it is OK to sleep a little longer. Plus, when our bodies are sleeping, the muscles are still at work repairing and rebuilding. So a little sleep may go a long way for any one of us!

T- Train Right

Part of training well is knowing and listening to our bodies is taking a rest day so we can keep going strong. In rest days, we can take time to find new running routes or read up on the latest running blogs, so our mind is still engaged in the activity while our body rests. Taking a rest day does not mean we aren’t training; it means we are training well.


Let’s not let the word “Rest” be one which we dread. Let it become a word to which we look forward so we can rebuild and rejuvenate ourselves so we can keep on running for many years to come!