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Inner Grit

160917-F-JW079-1414Grit is defined as “Courage and resolve; strength of character.” Running is not based on an outward appearance. Running does not discriminate. It does not matter if one is male or female; 10 or 100; white or black; thin or heavy; muscular or not; rich or poor; or even an elite runner or a beginner. The outward indicators by which society so often measures others are irrelevant in the world of running. The inner grit is what shines through in the moment. The courage and resolve from within are what make a runner show up at the start line. The courage and resolve are what make a runner train for months. The courage and resolve are what drive a runner to set a goal and go for it, not worrying about the outcome completely, but caring more so to strengthen who they are as an individual – to develop that person within, the one with inner grit.

Anyone can say they will do a race or go out for a run, but those with the most inner grit will be the ones following through on that promise. Each person’s reason is likely different for wanting to do a race. But inner grit is not about what size or gender or color one is. Inner grit is not about if one has been running for 10 years or 10 weeks. That inner grit will help one push through the mental blocks, the naysayers, and the moments of difficulty. The inner grit beats any outward indicators one may be judged by on a daily basis.

Running not about size, shape, age, gender or experience. Running is about heart. Running is about determination. Running is about becoming better- physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Running strengthens the body muscles, yes. But running also grows those inner grit muscles. Running does not discriminate. Running is an activity which encourages everyone to participate. Whatever your reason for deciding to run a race – or even to go for a run around the block- dig deep and find that inner grit. It will carry you out the door and around the block and to the start line. The inner grit will carry you to the finish line. And in the end, it will carry you far in life, too.

Running is not about all those outward indicators. Take a look around you the next time you are on a start line. You will be likely to find different ages, races, sexes, and sizes. But instead of using those factors as a measuring stick, soak in the beauty of the differences and the fact that our sport celebrates all of those. Then dig deep and find your inner grit and run.