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Patience Will Pay Off

The Tortoise and the Hare

Most of us recall the famous story about the tortoise and the hare. The hare was prideful and felt for sure he would win the race, being up against a tortoise. Therefore, the hare jumped ahead and then along the way, took anature-938509_1280 nap, confident he would win. Well, we know that in the end, the tortoise won the race. While he may have been less than speedy, the tortoise was patient and kept on going. He did not let the hare bother him, and in the end, he won the race. Patience pays off.

Have Patience

We live in a world of go, go, go, with instantaneous results much of the time. However, usually our largest goals in life take time. Weight loss does not happen overnight. Obtaining a college degree does not come in a week’s time. And training for a marathon certainly takes longer than a month. Training takes patience because the end result is not seen for weeks.  In training, we must be patient because even though we do not see a result today, on race day the rewards will be great. Results take time. Marathon training, or even 5K training, is not one of the instantaneous results. It involves time to build the lung capacity to breathe efficiently while running and to strengthen the muscles to sustain the impact for miles. It takes time to learn to push through the walls of wanting to quit. It takes time to learn how to keep going. Training for a race is an event in which one has to learn to be patient, to have the attitude of the tortoise, even if you are a faster runner.

The Journey

When race day does come around and we get to put into play the months of patience and hard work, the feeling is exhilarating, regardless of the pace. The months of effort that have been fueled towards this one single event have been quite a journey. Many of us learn much about ourselves along the way – what we are capable of and what we are not; when to push through and when to hold back; when to ignore the negativity and embrace positive thinking. Regardless of the distance for which you are training, every runner has a story, and the journey that takes place along the way of training for an event is a chapter in your book. The journey can often mean more than the outcome at the event, depending on how you view it. Months have gone into the effort and growth is the outcome, whether that means a new PR on a course or just believing in yourself again. Looking back on the journey of training is half the fun of being patient and pushing through.

So, whether you have a tortoise speed or the speed of the hare, take a lesson from the tortoise: Be patient. The journey is long, but it’s well worth the wait. Keep on pushing forward because no matter what the goal is, you’re growing, and the end of the chapter is in sight and will tell a beautiful story simply because it is your own. Patience pays off.


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