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Strength Matters

Running only requires the legs so I don’t have to do strength training, right? Wrong. Runners often have the false idea that all they need to do is get out and run. However, that is a myth, and we want to share some reasons why Strength Matters.
What propels the body forward? Answer: your hips and glutes play a large role in that. What happens if those are not strong? Well, quite honestly, your runs will be slower and your body will be more tired because it will have to work harder to push you forward for miles and miles. Strengthening the hips and the glutes is one way of improving strength. You can do this through various exercises like squats and donkey kicks and lunges. *
But that is only one area of the body. It’s important to have good core body strength. Your core is a key piece of your breathing when you run. The stronger your core is, the better you breathe; the better you breathe, the easier your runs are. It’s a beautiful cycle, but one that only works when strengthening those core muscles. Core exercises can include planks, V-ups, Sit ups, crunches, flutter kicks, Russian twists and more.*
So, once the core and the hips and glutes have been worked, that’s all, right? Wrong again. In order to really do a proper strength train, you also need to include the arms. You can do pushups, bicep curls, lateral raises, tricep stretches, and even planks.* It’s important to be strength training all around. Runners don’t often think their arms are of much use when running, but they are like the pendulum that swings with the hips while running. Having arms that have been worked a little is just as important as the legs. Just like you can’t have a full body without arms and legs (sounds silly, but just go with us here for a moment) You can’t have a true strength workout without stretching every muscle. Strength matters, and strength is attained through working out the muscles. All the muscles.
Different experts will give varying opinions as to how often you should be doing strength training. We aren’t going to tell you that answer- it’s best for you to consult with a doctor or a personal trainer. We just want to encourage you to fit it in, because strength does matter.
Muscle helps burn fat, and strength training, over time, will help aid in shedding pounds a little bit. Strength training will help your balance and coordination improve, and when done right, your posture can also improve. Something as simple as sitting up straight when at your desk or when standing in line talking with friends helps improve your running.
Strength training isn’t just about your running, though. Strength training has many benefits for your health, like weight loss, toning up, energy levels boosted, sleep habits improved, and better body mechanics overall. So, strength matters. For your running, yes. But for your overall health. It’s just as important as the hills, the speed work and the tempo runs. Strength matters.
*For more information on these exercises, all can be found by googling the names. All of those can be done in your own home at no extra cost of a gym or accessories. We are not certified health specialists… we simply have learned from experience and through the clinics of our chief medical consultant, Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, who has more detailed on our website under the training tab. *

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